The Truth

It is my duty to be as objective in my post. It is the responsibility of the reader to interpret the ideas I present in 2 ways. Objective Truth and Personal Truth

In the first objective truth theory we are dealing with reality. A universal truth. This is certain in all cultures. Things like gravity – If you jump from the top floor of a building it doesn’t matter what religion or color of your skin. You are going to hurt yourself. Mathematics, if I have a list of 2 items and I add 2 more items. I now have 4 items. This is what we hope to get most of our information from and to base our lives around. Being grounded into what is real.

When the lights are off and you are laying in bed we think about our personal truth. This is what we believe for and stand for. It doesn’t matter what others say, it matters what we believe. For me I have always had profound love for learning. I come from a family that values education, with a very low income background. My mother instilled this love for me at a young age because someone convinced her that education is the way out of poverty. As I have grown older I have made the positive association with a higher quality in life the higher your education. This doesn’t have to be formal education, but can be different methods. The quality of your questions, the books you read, the people you associate with. We all learn in a variety of ways. At the end of the day, it something that I truly believe will one day allow me to reach my deepest ambitions and live the life I want to live. Make the money I want to make and have the friends I want to have. With that being said that is not objectively true. We could argue that it is true in the sense of which many successful people value learning – It is not however the defining factor of success. There is not a formula for (Degrees + Books x Associations) = Success. Ultimately, this is something that many COULD agree with but it is not universally true. You can tell it is my personal truth because I wrote about much longer.

Many religions fall under the same personal truth. The savior for some depends a lot on where they were born and what beliefs are followed in the household. It is very ignorant to believe that your religion is superior – or the only way to salvation. With that being said it also not wise of our time to try to disprove them or to make them seem as phonies. All religions are deeply rooted in strong ethics and integrity. Do what you said you were going to do. Respect. Humility. Above all, Love. Whether you learn it through Jesus or the Buddha the end result is universal. Pursue excellence. Evolve.

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