Progression not Perfection

When it comes to being a self-improvement aficionado I am the worst. I constantly think of way I can improve myself, what does the perfect Jordy look like? What is he capable of? How can I get there? This constant need to be the best version of myself is constantly itching me. It is safe to say I am obsessed with the possibility of creating the perfect me. However, I know it destroys me. There is three things I look it when it comes to personal development: Self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence. Self-esteem, is how I feel about myself. Self-respect, is understanding who I am and respecting my abilities/flaws. Lastly, confidence is affirming the belief. At the end of the day the only thing that really matters what you think of yourself.

  1. Self-esteem – For me it really is the hardest thing. I am a very competitive person and I constantly thinking of my potential. For me it is damaging to compare myself against who I know I can be. Sometimes that potential is false positivity and it damages my present emotion about myself. Self-esteem is deeply rooted in (Please forgive I am also vomiting inside my mouth) self-love. Loving myself can happen in a variety of ways and one of them is cutting my comparison. When I am able to mindfully understand that I am becoming and I allow myself to be fully present in my actions. I am no longer thinking about who it is I can be instead I focus my attention on who I am. Constantly pushing myself to be fully present. Whether the comparison is with someone else or myself, when I cut the comparison I progress closer to perfection.
  2. Self-respect – I believe one of the best things I have done is really dial in on myself. Understanding myself is a journey I avidly pursued in my earlier days of self-help. I always wanted to know who I was, and what was influencing my actions. When I was able to clearly understand my strengths and my weaknesses I was able to let go of many things. It allowed me pursue fully who I am. Understanding that I am not perfect and I have weaknesses allows me to progress closer to perfection.
  3. Self-confidence – lastly none of it matters if you don’t believe it and reaffirm it. You should proclaim your wildest goals and visions. It is not bravado or arrogance it is simply keeping yourself accountable to who you can become. The accountability is what allows us to progress closer to perfection.

I keep talking about progressing into perfection. Most people would disagree with me. Life is not a journey with a final destination, life is being. I completely agree with that statement. However, I believe fully that pursuing excellence and perfection is what will set you free. Whatever that destination is. All the greats have done it. Jesus, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, etc. People who are alive way past their physical body are players who pursued perfection in what they did. The movements they created. It was the simple act of pursuing perfection through progression.

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