The Equalizer

Fear is the greatest enemy. When it comes to living down on our potential fear can really destroy everything we can become. Why? Well it is simple our brain is designed to let us survive. Our mind hates the idea of failure. Our biology is dictated by fear. Which in its defense is the best way. We don’t want to be that dickhead who thinks he is bulletproof. At the end of the day, we are human and we want to survive.

When it comes to knowledge it is the amount of things we know that will allow us to defeat fear, procrastination, and anything that keeps us from becoming. The greatest equalizer. If I am a salesperson, my fear of rejection and not being the salesperson I want to become is what will keep me from making my prospecting calls. Not following my process and ultimately losing sales. The highest thing a human being can do is know. When I know my process and my product, I can fall back on my knowledge. I can be confident in what I am saying and doing. Which propels my actions to follow suit. Knowledge defeats enthusiasm, passion, will, and every other quality you can think of. I love football, I love watching it on Saturdays and Sundays. Any time I get to play I am extremely excited. I however, don’t know the game. Tom Brady knows the game. He can read a defense, he can call audibles, and he has the knowledge and ability to perform against professionals. It is simple, he who understands a topic or skill can easily overcome any obstacle.

If you ever find yourself in the struggle with something. Whether it is career related or personal. Understand that you are not in know. Knowing is the most powerful thing and when you are procrastinating or being fearful you do not know something. So how do we learn?

That’s a topic for a different article.

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