How to win told by young Jordy

I keep reading and obsessing over the idea of winning life. I keep reading about the greats and what they did to become who they are. Right now I am very intrigued by Lincoln. The epitome to me of what real life success looks like. To define success is very difficult. It is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. I would define a win in my eyes by first and foremost taking care of my health. My mental and physical health. I am on the road to continue to improve myself. I have been sober from drugs for about 3 years with no sign to ever touch them again. What I continue to struggle with is my addiction with alcohol. I would argue it is more dangerous than the days I was pushing drugs into my body. Alcohol is socially acceptable. I have witnessed myself becoming very intoxicated, socially. Maybe its my age group. One thing I know for sure is I cannot continue my drinking. Everyday is another day I tell myself today is the last day. That breaks my mental health. I think less of myself when I cannot trust myself. Which destroys my confidence. So this is the first battle I need to win. As far as physical appearance I just need to be able to move functionally and fit my shirts. I do not need the six pack or big biceps. Second, my money has to be right. When I graduated school with a teaching degree. I quickly realized I made a mistake. I only really got a degree because I wanted to experience the college life. Which was not good for me. I have quickly realized that this planet runs on one thing, money. Money moves products and services. This is an economic planet, I don’t know who made these rules. I do know that I have no better choice but to play the game I was thrown into. I’m not talking about billions and billions. I’m talking about money that will allow you to tell your boss to fuck off if the situation occurred. I am talking about money were you can lift your family up to the next ground level. Experience everything in this world you want if that’s what tickles your pickle. That’s why I want money, I want to go off the grid to Italy and Spain. Maybe Latin America because I fucking feel like it. I don’t care about the Gucci belt and LV wallet, the Rolex all that is irrelevant to me. If that tickles your pickle then wear the fucking GUCCI coat. I would like to be remembered for what I give to this world but more importantly what I leave my family. Very selfish I know. Maybe my mindset will change in a few years or decades. However, right now I am certain of this. What I think and feel about myself is the most important thing in this world to me, and second how many Benjamin’s I can collect to fund my wants and needs.

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