We don’t have enough time

I think the idea of doing something is very powerful. However, it doesn’t accomplish it. In the word of Henry Ford, “You cannot make a reputation on something you’re going to do.” There is a lot of things that can happen and will happen but nothing really happens unless you make it happen. I will take action and become who I believe this world deserves. The best version of myself. I will be and do what I say I will do.

My perception is I don’t have enough time. I am running out of time. Every day is another day I can get closer to my goal or further. Further because I wasted the day, I did not grow, learn, or get closer to my goal, and now I have less time. My vision for who I am and what I have the potential is very big. I have no doubt I can accomplish what I was brought into this world to do. My battle cry, I am running out of time.

This really stems from a lesson I learned 6 years ago. Holy shit does time fly. I graduated in May of 2015 from high school, and I have this picture engraved into my mind of me walking into the sunset with my brother (Irish twin). I thought life was going to be easy, I was going to set goals, accomplish them, and reset my goals. I was wrong. Life punked me, it was not sunshine and rainbows. I thought me and Hector would have more time together. The fact is we didn’t have enough time, I do not have enough time left. So everything to me is now. I want to win, now. I want to love my family, now. I want to make my eat my food, now. I want to be great, now. I need it now. Trying to shorten the cycle. Is patience really a virtue?

Published by Jordy

Big thinker in the trenches paving the way for future generations

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