Persuasion Skills

I have stumbled upon the one skill I will spend the rest of my life attempting to master. The art of persuasion, in my opinion this one skill is encompassed by a variety of skills I will need to perform at a top level to achieve my dreams. The skills are Public Speaking, Body Language, Salesmanship, and most importantly Closing. We are all designed to be public speakers, maybe not orators who fill up arenas and lecture halls, but men and women who can effectively communicate their thoughts. Our words create worlds. For God created the world with his words “let there be…” our words positively or negatively effect everything around us. Body language is the ability to read and interpret people and situations. This is forming the ability to read people. If they are at ease or not, if you can spot potential character flaws that give you the indication, they might not be a good partner. This also includes your ability to be more impactful with our words by using our hands and gestures. Adding emotion to our words to give them life. My definition of Salesmanship is the process. Identifying a problem and solving it for a customer, creating a sales pipeline and process to convert them to customers, friend, or associate. Lastly, closing the most important part of persuasion skills. The actual negotiation and ability to persuade yourself and others to the desired outcome. Whether it’s a product, service, or idea. How do we logically persuade people?

This is what I will dive deep into in my attempt to reach mastery. Follow me on my journey.

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