Relationship Selling

So I started my selling journey years ago and I started by selling personal training packages. This really helped develop a skill that I did not know I possessed. I have the privilege to brag and say I have been successful at selling in 3 different industries, that have absolutely no correlation to each other. The reason, I value relationships in selling. I was very fortunate to have my first sales job in fitness. When you are selling personal training (PT) packages, one it’s extremely hard to sell. People who need it aren’t running to you to get PT. Pun intended. The problem then comes when your pool of prospects all come to the gym and they are either fit or not committed to coming consistently. So at the end of the day, you are left trying to hard-sell something some people may not need or shouldn’t be buying.

The first mistake in selling, that I 100% fell victim to is trying to become a closer. When I say that I mean it in the traditional 60-90s sales training methodology. Tricks and gimmicks. Trail closing, creating fake urgency, asking for the business when you have not earned it. All of these things do have a purpose but when used incorrectly you become a salesperson. Lose every ounce of credibility or rapport you did have. As a salesperson, you have lost – you are stuck trying to persuade a prospect on why they should do business with you. The goal is to position yourself and/or service as the solution to your client’s problem. If there is no problem to solve then by the moral law of a great sales warrior you should not compromise your integrity and sell your product. Now, let’s call a spade a spade, we are all inherently salespeople, but when your prospect says, “let me hear your pitch”, “What are you selling”, “YOU are a goood salesperson”. You have lost, the objective should be, in the process of courting your prospect you should never once seem needy, salesy, or anything that gives the impression that we are only talking because I need your commission.

There is only one thing you need to switch your mindset. Understand money needs you not the other way around. Money is a commodity, it is a piece of paper that sits, rots, and is replaceable. I can switch the $100 you give me with the $100 from the next customer who needs me. Money is abundant, you are not.

How you win: The way you win in sales is very simple. You need to position yourself as an expert or influencer in the space you are working in. Your friends and family should be calling you to program their workouts, buy a home from you if you’re a realtor, pick out a car if you’re in the car industry, etc. If you can’t win at home you won’t do too well away. By default, this is going to make you top of mind when others talk about the solution you provide. B2B or B2C at the end of the day we are selling to people, but you should only sell to those who need you.

Looking ahead: Next I will talk about what roles the old way of selling serves. Also the rules of selling at a high level.

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