Can man really love himself if he is aware?

When I was younger, I had no clue what I wanted, what I wished for, or more importantly what I needed. Oh man, those were the days. Running around shirtless, laughing, without a care in the world. As I get older, I am more confident in who I am. Yet, further from who I love. Why is that? Dostoevsky in notes from the underground brings a very valid point. Can man really love himself is he has perspective?

The power of perspective

The power of being blind to your weaknesses is by far the best super power you could have as a human. Why? Because we all have flaws, yet when we are aware of them we can compensate or correct them. Hopefully the latter but even the former is correct. See when you are told a weakness you have you are given a bite of the apple. The same apple Eve bit. You are given consciousness. Which is more powerful than any other skill. If I was told by a good friend something I am weak at, maybe I am very cocky with my first impressions. That is an insight I would’ve never had, although one could argue eventually I would come to this realization. This feedback is powerful, because it speeds up my ability to correct my flaw, and save some of my relationships. Perception plays a huge role in the dynamics of relationships so simply receiving critique from a friend helps. Now if this piece of information was never given to us we would have a huge blind spot in our interactions in our daily life.

Perspective is your position or point of view. Which is what you deem most important. This goes back to the importance of targets. In an earlier blog I wrote about the importance of having a target to hit. A person who has self-awareness develops an insurmountable level of confidence in himself. Assessing critiques of his/her flaws correctly and the ability to view themselves in 3rd person. People who achieve these high levels of confidence love themselves and have higher levels of self-efficacy. Which in turns leads to happier and more successful lives. An upward spiral.

The curse

So why is it not a gift? Why can a human who has any perspective never truly love himself. Because we are awaken. With consciousness comes the awakening of our flaws. In so much as recognizing that we are not perfect we are filled with contempt. Asking questions we might be better off not asking. Why does the girl I like not like me? Why am I not the top performer in my workplace? Why am I not… These questions can be very powerful when answered but extremely daunting when discovering the answers. Ultimately, leading to the final answer that you are not enough. Everything you are not is measured by your qualities you are not enough in. Where we fall short.

In contrast, when you bite the bullet and realize you are not enough you in turn activate the potential to evolve. The upward spiral of becoming who it is you want to be. We all know that we are not living to our highest potential, it is what makes us human. The ability to think of the future. We are not enough now but we could be with some sacrifice. The curse of being human is the same gift of being human. Consciousness.

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