We don’t have enough time

I think the idea of doing something is very powerful. However, it doesn’t accomplish it. In the word of Henry Ford, “You cannot make a reputation on something you’re going to do.” There is a lot of things that can happen and will happen but nothing really happens unless you make it happen. I willContinue reading “We don’t have enough time”

The Universal Religion

When it comes to navigating the process of self-actualization, spirituality is one of the pillars. So comes the topic of religion, a God, and of course the ultimate purpose of ones being. I was raised in a Christian household. My grandfather was a very successful pastor. As a kid I remember vividly seeing him preachContinue reading “The Universal Religion”

The Equalizer

Fear is the greatest enemy. When it comes to living down on our potential fear can really destroy everything we can become. Why? Well it is simple our brain is designed to let us survive. Our mind hates the idea of failure. Our biology is dictated by fear. Which in its defense is the bestContinue reading “The Equalizer”


Can man really love himself if he is aware? When I was younger, I had no clue what I wanted, what I wished for, or more importantly what I needed. Oh man, those were the days. Running around shirtless, laughing, without a care in the world. As I get older, I am more confident inContinue reading “Consciousness”


1. When you think about the importance of ethics it is paramount. Without it you are not capable of reaching the pinnacle of success. But what is ethics? How can we define it? Or more importantly how do you define it. It is quite frankly the most important thing we must first do, why? BecauseContinue reading “Ethics”

Money Problems

                                                                1. When you throw the word money around you can get a whole mix of emotions. TO some people it’s taboo to other’s it is God, and everything in between. The reality is we all have some sort of relationship with money. What I will argue is that no matter your relationship or pointContinue reading “Money Problems”


The story of love, addiction, and stardom begins with Jackson. He is a middle-aged boot wearing country singer. He is a on the decline of his success and after a show he is performing at decides to visit a bar. However, it wasn’t a conscious choice it was something his mind and body craved. HeContinue reading “Lost”


When I was in college I was a personal trainer, throughout the time that I was able to train people 1-on-1 I learned a lot about the industry. The fitness or better referred to Health and Wellness Industry is massive. It accounts for about $4.12 Trillion of the US economy. With a projected growth rate.Continue reading “Fitness”


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