Sales Explained

When you are on the phone, in the field, in front of the prospect, you will be in a situation where you hear “No”. Thus, The Professional Salesperson is needed. The salesperson was created to Persuade; to transact. There is a common misconception in sales – there are salespeople and then there are closers. ThisContinue reading “Sales Explained”

Relationship Selling

So I started my selling journey years ago and I started by selling personal training packages. This really helped develop a skill that I did not know I possessed. I have the privilege to brag and say I have been successful at selling in 3 different industries, that have absolutely no correlation to each other.Continue reading “Relationship Selling”

Chase or Create?

For as long as a I can remember the goal of life was always the chase for better, for happiness. I think, it was programmed into my mind to believe the pursuit and desire for something more will give us happiness. This desire in my life has only created a gap in my life. AContinue reading “Chase or Create?”

Persuasion Skills

I have stumbled upon the one skill I will spend the rest of my life attempting to master. The art of persuasion, in my opinion this one skill is encompassed by a variety of skills I will need to perform at a top level to achieve my dreams. The skills are Public Speaking, Body Language,Continue reading “Persuasion Skills”

We don’t have enough time

I think the idea of doing something is very powerful. However, it doesn’t accomplish it. In the word of Henry Ford, “You cannot make a reputation on something you’re going to do.” There is a lot of things that can happen and will happen but nothing really happens unless you make it happen. I willContinue reading “We don’t have enough time”

The Universal Religion

When it comes to navigating the process of self-actualization, spirituality is one of the pillars. So comes the topic of religion, a God, and of course the ultimate purpose of ones being. I was raised in a Christian household. My grandfather was a very successful pastor. As a kid I remember vividly seeing him preachContinue reading “The Universal Religion”

The Equalizer

Fear is the greatest enemy. When it comes to living down on our potential fear can really destroy everything we can become. Why? Well it is simple our brain is designed to let us survive. Our mind hates the idea of failure. Our biology is dictated by fear. Which in its defense is the bestContinue reading “The Equalizer”


Can man really love himself if he is aware? When I was younger, I had no clue what I wanted, what I wished for, or more importantly what I needed. Oh man, those were the days. Running around shirtless, laughing, without a care in the world. As I get older, I am more confident inContinue reading “Consciousness”


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